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Newsletter: From Evidence to Action


  • The Quarterly Labour Force Survey (QLFS) is a household-based sample survey conducted by Statistics South Africa (Stats SA). It collects data on the labour market activities of individuals aged 15 years and above who live in South Africa.

  • The Accord sets out the joint commitment to prioritise youth employment and skills development. The Accord is one in a series of social pacts that are intended to help achieve the New Growth Path goal of five million new jobs by 2020.

  • The paper is structured as follows: the first section outlines the severity of youth unemployment experiences especially by African youth followed by a discussion of the obstacles that affect the employment  probabilities of young job seekers and possible interventions that could be used by gover

  • Econ3x3 is an independent forum for critical public debate on unemployment and employment, income distri­bution and inclu­sive growth in South Africa. It publishes accessible research- based contribu­tions and expert commentaries.

  • This is one in a series of topical guides developed for PAN:Children that provides key information on the current state of affairs in South Africa related to youth and employment.

  • Proposed legislation with the aim of redressing the inequalities of the past and allowing for the post-school development of skills.

  • This report is a first attempt to generate data of this nature, to map child deprivation at municipal level, in order to inform local level policy and intervention in South Africa.

  • Presents findings on the relationship between social grants and employment and that there is no evidence of a dependency culture.