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Newsletter: From Evidence to Action

child justice

  • PAN: Children from time to time invites experts in the child rights field to write Opinion Pieces on specific topics to stimulate debate.The opinion piece reassesses the minimum age of criminal capacity in South Africa and it was written for PAN: Children by Morgan Courtenay.

  • A notice from the Department of Social Development, the Child rights sector Indaba has been postponed until further notice. The department remains committed to engage with the sector. Kindly accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience  that this may have caus

  • A report on the status of the CRC in national law, the status of children involved in legal proceedings, the legal means to challenge violations of children’s rights and the practical considerations involved in challenging violations.

  • This is a report tracking the implementation process of certain aspects of the Child Justice Act. It focuses on 3 main themes and highlights the impact and effects that certain of the theme - related challenges have had on the overall implementation of the Act. The three themes are:

  • This paper focuses briefly on the historical background of the process that preceded the enactment of the Act and highlights some of the developments which improved the situation of children in conflict with the law before the Act.

  • This Act creates a framework for children entering the criminal justice system. It sets out how are when children are to be prosecuted, appropriate sentences for a court to impose upon child offenders and numerous other aspects.