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Newsletter: From Evidence to Action

Economic policy low on agenda at ANC council

 Article from BDLive by Carol Paton which argues as follows:

Economic policy is usually a big item at African National Congress (ANC) conferences and gatherings. But as the party gathers for its national general council this week, there are no big economic policy issues on the agenda.

On one level — that of the ANC’s internal dynamics — this is because its economic policy debate is usually more about politics than economics.

So fiscal and monetary policy, nationalisation of the mines and "radical socioeconomic change" — all bitterly contested at previous gatherings — have been more about political factions making themselves felt or about political messaging to members and the electorate than seriously tackling the formulation of economic policy.

At this year’s national general council, political dissent — and hence economic debate — will be subdued. The Left of the Congress of South African Trade Unions is gone, the South African Communist Party (SACP) has been co-opted and the ANC Youth League has been tamed.

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