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Newsletter: From Evidence to Action

Impact evaluation series

UNICEF- Office of Research launches Impact Evaluation Series of  methodological briefs and instructional videos discussing the pros and cons, ethical concerns and practical issues of designs and methods of impact evaluation.

UNICEF's Impact Evaluation Series includes 13 methodological briefs in three languages & whiteboard animation videos.

The Impact Evaluation Series of methodological briefs and instructional videos is a contribution to building a "culture of research" at UNICEF and strengthening our capacity to provide evidence-based advice to partners. The series covers a range of impact evaluation designs and methods, including randomized controlled trials (RCTs). It discusses their pros and cons, ethical concerns and practical issues. The series is primarily aimed at UNICEF programme staff but is also available to the public.

The Transfer Project is an example of how UNICEF’s investment in research contributes to evidence-based advice which motivates and empowers governments to effectively support children.

Building blocks of impact evaluation video


Visit UNICEF's blog post  on the importance of a careful analysis of the cost of not addressing immediate needs versus the potential future benefits of policy and budgetary change brought about by research and advocacy.