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Sexual Offences Act (Amendment Bill) - Report back from Civil Society Workshop

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Research reports & papers
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The Community Law Centre Parliamentary Programme
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Parliament will be making amendments to the Sexual Offences Act (2007), these amendments are based on decisions by the Constitutional Court regarding de-criminalising consenting sexual activity between adolescents of similar age and addressing the current automatic placement of the names of children convicted of sexual offences on the National Register for Sex Offenders. The Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services has called for written submissions from the public on these issues by mid-day 03 February 2015. The Children’s Institute (UCT) and the Community Law Centre (UWC) hosted a workshop with civil society partners from the children’s and women’s sector on 22 and 23 January 2015 in order to provide space for information sharing and deliberation among organisations that are interested in making submissions, but felt that they required an opportunity to engage in the bill and related issues in greater depth first. Please find the brief summary of the workshop, including the key points on which they have agreed attached. In addition, an infographic is attached which attemps to demonstrate the existing provisions of the Act and provisions of the Amendment Bill regarding consensual sexual activity between adolescents.