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Newsletter: From Evidence to Action

The South Africa National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2011/2012 (SANHANES‐1)

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Research reports & papers
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The Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) and Medical Research Council (MRC)
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South Africa has a huge burden of disease, fuelled by a range of risk factors, and morbidity (illness and disease) and mortality (death) figures are high.This is shown by the results of the first South African National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (SANHANES), a comprehensive health and nutrition study that yielded critical information on emerging epidemics of non-communicable diseases. The study also analysed the underlying social, economic, behavioural and environmental factors that drives these diseases in the South African population. The information contained in the study will assist policy makers and programme managers to identify specific target areas that need attention as part of a comprehensive approach to address emerging diseases and the social factors that impact on health, including the health system.