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Newsletter: From Evidence to Action

Youth employment, unemployment skills and economic growth 1994-2014

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Research reports & papers
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Statistics South Africa
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A Statistics SA 20-year review of skills and youth unemployment. Comparisons of data from the 1994 October Household Survey and the 2014 Quarterly Labour Force Survey show that in the first quarter of 2014, 25% of South African workers occupied skilled occupations (i.e. managers, professionals and technicians), an increase from 21% in 1994. However, a higher percentage (46%) were still in semi-skilled occupations (e.g., clerks, craft and related trades, and machine operators) in 2014, a slight decrease from 47% in 1994; and 29% were in low-skilled occupations (elementary jobs and domestic work), down from 32% in 1994. Skilled employment among whites reached 61.5% in 2014, from 42% in 1994; Indians and Asians 50.7% (26%); coloureds 22.5% (12%); and blacks 17.9% (15%).