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The role of social security in  respecting and protecting the dignity of  lone mothers in South Africa: Final report

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Research reports & papers
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Wright, G. , Noble, M. , Ntshongwana, P. , Barnes, H and Neves, D.
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This research explores the meaning of dignity in lone mothers’ lives and the extent to which existing or potential social security provision protects or erodes their dignity.  The primary objectives for the research are to explore how lone mothers interpret dignity in the context of their daily lives; how their lived experience of poverty and inequality impact on their dignity; the extent to which they regard social grants as respecting and protecting their dignity; and how the experience of claiming social assistance intersects with their dignity.

Attached are three working papers which were incorporated into the final report:

- Themed Working Paper 1: Defining Lone Motherhood in South Africa

- Themed Working Paper 2: The Impact of Poverty and Inequality on the Dignity of Lone Mothers in South Africa

- Themed Working Paper 1: Social Security and the Dignity of Lone Mothers in South Africa

Presentations done by: Gemma Wright, Michael Noble, Phakama Ntshongwana and David Neves.

Three policy briefs:

- Policy Brief 1: Poverty erodes dignity: perspectives of low income female caregivers in South Africa

- Policy Brief 2: South Africa’s Child Support Grant and the dignity of female caregivers

- Policy Brief 3: The Role of Social Security in Respecting and Protecting the Dignity of Lone Mothers in South Africa: Summary of Findings and Recommendations