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Newsletter: From Evidence to Action

Children’s rights in Africa course

Type :
Location :
Graduate Centre, University of Pretoria Main Campus
Duration :
21 - 25 July 2014
Deadline :
Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria, will host a one-week intensive short course on Children's Rights in Africa in 21 - 25 July 2014.


About the course

Children constitute more than half of the population of Africa as a continent. To ensure that these children live, survive and develop to their full potential, African countries have enacted national legislation, and ratified many regional and international human rights instruments to protect and promote the rights and welfare of children. Despite these legal and policy commitments, the plights of children in Africa remain dire. Lack of effective implementation of legal and policy frameworks have been identified as one of the major reasons for the deplorable state of children in Africa. One main contributing factor to the ineffective implementation of legal and policy frameworks dealing with children’s rights and wellbeing is a lack of appropriate knowledge and awareness among relevant policy makers and implementers in Africa.

To address this knowledge and capacity deficits, relating to children’s rights and wellbeing, the Centre for Human Rights, Save the Children International and its partners are hosting an advanced short course on children’s rights and welfare. The one-week course will be held in the Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria.

Participation in the course is opened to interested participants from all over Africa, with priority being given to participants from the SADC region and government officials and judges. Government officials with responsibility for implementing or overseeing the implementation of children’s rights and welfare, judges, civil society organisations and academics are particularly encouraged to apply.

The primary goal of the course is to equip participants with theoretical and practical knowledge in children’s rights and wellbeing, as well as skills for the monitoring and implementation of the rights and welfare of children.

A limited number of scholarships are available for this course.