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Newsletter: From Evidence to Action

Evidence-based interventions for improvement of maternal and child nutrition: what can be done and at what cost?

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Research reports & papers
Author :
Z Bhutta, J Das et al
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Maternal undernutrition contributes to 800 000 neonatal deaths annually through small for gestational age births; stunting, wasting, and micronutrient deficiencies are estimated to underlie nearly 3·1 million child deaths annually. Progress has been made with many interventions implemented at scale and the evidence for effectiveness of nutrition interventions and delivery strategies has grown since The Lancet Series on Maternal and Child Undernutrition in 2008. This study has a comprehensive update of interventions to address undernutrition and micronutrient deficiencies in women and children. It features interventions to alleviate child mortality and showcases what works in various countries.