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Newsletter: From Evidence to Action

2013 Progress report on committing to Child Survival: A promise renewed

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This report explores the leading causes of infant mortality and goes on further to look at how promises by stakeholders can be translated into action. The report shows that in 2012, approximately 6.6-million children worldwide – 18 000 children per day – died before reaching their fifth birthday, according to a new report released by UNICEF, the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Bank Group and the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs/Population Division. This is roughly half the number of under-fives who died in 1990, when more than 12-million children died. The leading causes of death among children aged less than five years include pneumonia, prematurity, birth asphyxia, diarrhoea and malaria. Globally, about 45% of under-five deaths are linked to under-nutrition.