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Newsletter: From Evidence to Action

ECD in South Africa: policy, demographics, child outcomes, service provision and targeting

Type :
Research reports & papers
Author :
Linda Biersteker & Judith Streak
Published :
Document(s) :

The purpose of the paper is to:

Describe the principal government commitments to children 0-4 years, including priority targets as set out in the leading policy statements and legislation relating to children aged 0-4; Provide a profile of vulnerable children aged 0-4 (child outcomes and demographics) in South Africa and flag data gaps in this regard; Provide an overview of provision of the primary National Integrated Plan (NIP) for ECD service components to children aged 0-4 and flag data gaps in this regard; Make recommendations for targeting in implementation of the policy for scaling up services; and Draw inferences for the design of demonstration projects to test options for scaling up ECD services that will improve child outcomes and create jobs.