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Newsletter: From Evidence to Action

Cash Transfers and Child Schooling: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation of the Role of Conditionality

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Research reports & papers
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Richard Akresh; Damien de Walque; Harounan Kazianga
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Do conditions imposed by Conditional Cash Transfers (CCTs) influence the outcomes they seek to improve? This paper presents the results of a randomized experiment in rural Burkina Faso to estimate the impact of conditional and unconditional cash transfers on education. The study of the two-year pilot programme found that unconditional and conditional cash transfers had a similar impact in increasing the school enrolment of children who are traditionally favoured by parents for school participation. However, the conditional transfers were significantly more effective in improving the enrolment of ‘marginal’ children, such as girls, younger children, and lower ability children.In addition, CCTs were estimated to be more cost-effective than unconditional transfers in improving enrolment.CONTINUE READING