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Newsletter: From Evidence to Action

The International Telecommunication Union Child Online Protection Initiative

Type :
Advocacy initiatives
Author :
International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
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Child Online Protection (COP) aims to tackle cybersecurity holistically, addressing legal, technical, organizational and procedural issues as well as capacity building and international cooperation. 

The legal, technical and institutional challenges posed by the issue of cybersecurity are global and far-reaching and can only be addressed through a coherent strategy taking into account the role of different stakeholders and existing initiatives, within a framework of an international collaborative network. 

COP has GUIDELINES for Policy Makers. These Guidelines have been prepared in the context of the Child Online Protection (COP) Initiative in order to establish the foundations for a safe and secure cyberworld for future generations. They are meant to act as a blue-print which can be adapted and used in a way which is consistent with national or local customs and laws.