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Newsletter: From Evidence to Action

Child Online Protection - The Aims of Policy

Type :
Advocacy initiatives
Author :
John Carr
Published :
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Children and young people in all parts of the world now access the internet using a broad range of devices. Several of these devices are highly portable and it is therefore no longer practical to rely solely on a parent or teacher being able to support or supervise a child's or a young person's internet usage at all times.

In this online publication,John Carr advocates that children going online should be safer and better. He mentions that steps should be taken to protect children from illegal content and finds the need for provision of educational and awareness iniatives for them to help them understand safe online behaviour.

John Carr is one of the world's leading authorities on online child protection. He has worked as a Senior Adviser to the ITU Child Online Protection initiative for several years, has been an adviser to the European Union and also been engaged professionally to advise several of the world's largest and well known high tech companies on children's and young people's use of new technologies.