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Newsletter: From Evidence to Action

Second year of the Child Justice Act's implementation: Dwindling numbers

Type :
Research reports & papers
Author :
Charmaine Badenhorst
Published :
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This is a report tracking the implementation process of certain aspects of the Child Justice Act. It focuses on 3 main themes and highlights the impact and effects that certain of the theme - related challenges have had on the overall implementation of the Act. The three themes are:

(1) Diversion (including the accreditation process, the continuing decrease in the number of diversions, the impact thereof and other diversion-related challenges),

(2) The sentencing of children to compulsory residence in Child and Youth Care Centres (including the availability of facilities, the challenges being experienced in the handing over of reform school and schools of industry facilities to the Department of Social Development and related issues), and

(3) One Stop Child Justice Centres (including the implementation of the Act at these Centres).