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Newsletter: From Evidence to Action

The Non-Profit Organisation's Summit 2012:"Working together to fight poverty, unemployment and inequality"

The Department of Social Development hosted the 2012 Non-Profit Organisation Summit. The theme was "Working Together to Fight Poverty, Unemployment and Inequality". The following is a link to some of the presentations made at the summit . and to the Summit Declaration and commission reports. It includes presentations by the MEC's of the nine provinces and the Deputy Director General of the Department of Social Development. NGO Pulse provided a synopsis of and commentary on the proceedings.The last summit of this kind was held in 1996 where the Reconstructive Development Plan was the main focus. This particular summit forms part of a slew of recent events and publications directed towards alleviating poverty. These include the National Development Plan being presented in parliament and the proceedings of the 2012 Carnegie III Conference. PAN:Children has identified poverty and inequality as it pertains specifically to children as one of it's ten thematic areas. To this end, a topical guide has been created, illustrating the need to address systemic bottlenecks and inequities in this regard ( Despite extensive passing of statutes, implementation of policy and facilitation of dialogue, the situation for many children across the country remains dire. Poverty is the underlying cause of many other children's rights issues as it acts as a barrier, preventing children from accessing education, healthcare and other socio-economic rights. This catalyses further bottlenecks in the realisation of rights as it perpetuates vicious cycles, leading to poor children growing up into poor adults. The 2012 Non-Profit Organisation Summit is an important event on the human rights calender, as it enables government to evaluate opportunities that exist for addressing serious issues that impact on the lives of a large amount of people.