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Welcome to the PAN:Children Portal. PAN:Children is an online knowledge-hub complemented by dialogue and capacity building activities. We seek to provide timely and up-to-date information on child rights and equity. A partnership between the HSRC and UNICEF, this platform aims to provide a consolidated digital repository on the situation of children in South Africa. Please see the “About Us” page for further information.

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Social protection programmes reduce poverty and vulnerability while strengthening a broad range of developmental impacts. This brief describes the pathways through which social protection – especially cash transfers – contributes to HIV prevention, particularly in addressing the social, economic and structural drivers of HIV in adolescents. This brief is important for policymakers and programme managers who work on HIV prevention or social protection – and the intersection of both.

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World leaders are setting out a roadmap for human progress over the next 15 years. Known as the Sustainable Development Goals, these new global targets will drive investment and action in virtually every country on earth, touching millions of lives. That is why it is vital that every child is included – and that children everywhere are at the heart of the new global agenda. This ‘Agenda for Every Child’ sets out seven priorities that must be addressed in the new development goals.

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As the era of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) comes to an end in 2015, a new framework for global development will be put in place. The ‘Post-2015 Development Agenda’ will culminate in the formulation of a new set of goals and targets – the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – that will build on the progress of the MDGs and also address the shortcomings. Additional resources: Post-2015 Issue Briefs .





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This Advocacy Calendar highlights key international days with a strong emphasis on days established through UN's General Assembly's Resolution and key national days for 2015 as established by the Government of South Africa.

Attached are some resolutions pertaining to children and their rights recently adopted by the United Nations General Assembly and, thus, applicable to all member states. These resolutions are a great source for programme design, policy development and advocacy.

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The Regional Strategy for Southern Africa 2014-2016 presents a holistic approach that focuses on the following two priorities: First, the fact that various aspects of migration challenges are inter-related. For example, the humanitarian needs related to migration are link to development opportunities and both issues need to be seen in the context of overall security and transnational organized crime trends. And second, there is a need for tackling migration problems increasingly from a regional level rather than a country-by-country approach.

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The Migration Policy Practice covers a range of policy areas, including on child migration, regional policy initiatives in the field of environmental migration, mixed migration flows into Libya, the challenge of counting and documenting lives lost during attempts by migrants to cross borders, and a review of Paul Collier’s book Exodus: Immigration and Multiculturalism in the 21st Century.

The Early Childhood Development Knowledge Building Seminar is a platform that brings research and practice together, highlights achievements in the policy and practice arena, and also looks at the sector from all angles. Theme for this was: 20 years of knowledge building in early childhood development in South Africa. Visit the presentations link to download all the presentations from the seminar.

Unaccompanied Foreign Migrant Children is one in a series of topical guides developed for PAN: Children that provides key information on the current state of affairs in South Africa related to the topic and highlight practical guidance, lessons learnt and case studies (both national and international) that will be helpful in policy development dialogue and knowledge sharing. This topical guide is accompanied by a fact sheet and a policy brief.

This fact sheet discusses unaccompanied foreign migrant children in South Africa prepared by  Prof. Ann Skelton and Karabo Ngidi from the Centre for Child Law.